Premier Liftgate Services in Kalamazoo

Are you looking for expert delivery services for your Kalamazoo business, but have no loading dock to receive goods? At All Seasons Express (ASE), we understand that the right delivery method is crucial for your business. 

Our specialized liftgate trucking services in Kalamazoo are designed to cater to businesses without a traditional loading dock, providing you with a seamless, safe, and efficient delivery experience. When you partner with ASE for lift gate services, you can rest assured that we’ll handle your freight like it’s our own.

Benefits of Lift Gate Delivery Service

Liftgate services are more than just a convenience; they are a game-changer for Kalamazoo businesses dealing with diverse delivery environments. If there is no loading dock at your delivery location, liftgate service is perfect for you. 

Our fleet of InterLift liftgates comprises over 125 liftgate equipped trailers, including the versatile slide out/tuck under lift gates as well as cantilevers. Here’s how our liftgate services can transform your delivery process:

all seasons express liftgate truck

Slider Lift Gate

These hydraulic lift gates are designed to back up directly in your dock or use ground to load, simplifying the loading and unloading process. With a robust 4400 lb lifting capacity, they are ideal for a wide range of goods, ensuring your delivery is handled safely and efficiently.

Cantilever Lift Gate

For larger items or heavy cargo, our cantilever lift gates are the perfect solution. They open and close against the back doors of the truck, offering a stable and secure hydraulic lift platform with the same 4400 lb lifting capacity. This style is particularly suited for bulky or heavy items, ensuring your larger deliveries are as smooth and safe as possible.

In-House Lift Gate Repair Services

To maintain our promise of reliability and safety, we have a dedicated in-house team for liftgate repair and maintenance. This ensures that every liftgate in our fleet is functioning optimally, reducing downtime and enhancing the reliability of our services. Our team’s quick response and expert handling mean that our liftgates are always ready for your delivery needs.

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Versatile for a Range of Goods

From medical supplies and nursery goods to commercial appliances and beverages, our liftgate services cater to a diverse array of industries. We’ve been a critical partner in operations both large and small by providing reliable “final mile delivery” services.

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Comprehensive Driver Training

Our ASE-specific training ensures every driver is adept at using liftgates safely and efficiently. With annual updates and accessible online resources, our team is always prepared to handle your goods with the utmost care. Our CDL drivers have a minimum of two years experience before joining our trucking company; then they go through rigorous training to adeptly use the specialized equipment found on lift gates.

A fleet of liftgate trucks operated by All Seasons Express

Adding Value to Logistics

Our liftgate services open up new possibilities, delivering to locations that were previously inaccessible. From large-scale distributors to small roadside stands, our service flexibility adds immense value to your logistics chain.

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Growing Your Business, One Delivery at a Time

Our liftgate delivery service comes with ASE’s promise of Growing Your Business, One Delivery at a Time. That means that your shipment is delivered and ready for sale. Each ASE truck driver takes pride in this promise, ensuring that your freight delivery is treated with the utmost respect and care. No dented boxes or brown side up plants on our watch.

The Freight Carrier That Cares

Every member of the ASE Team, from delivery truck driver to office manager, genuinely cares about your success. We have invested heavily in our hydraulic liftgate fleet in order to provide doorstep delivery to our valued customers. We pride ourselves on delivering your freight exactly where you want it. This “final mile” service is not just a cargo delivery; it’s an extension of your customer service, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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Ensuring Safety and Efficiency

Safety is paramount in our operations. Our drivers undergo rigorous training to operate liftgates safely, supported by an extensive library of instructional videos for on-the-spot guidance. We also boast a dedicated maintenance team, ensuring our liftgates, including our solar-paneled fleet, are always in top condition for optimal performance.

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Ready to elevate your delivery process with our liftgate services? Let us tailor a solution that meets your unique delivery needs, ensuring your goods are handled with care, efficiency, and precision.

Liftgate Services FAQs

Incorporating cross docking into your logistics strategy can transform your supply chain into a lean, efficient machine. At All Seasons Express, we are dedicated to providing you with solutions that not only meet but exceed your logistics needs. Our team is ready to help you optimize your supply chain with our expert cross docking services.

What types of liftgate trucks are available in your fleet?

We offer a diverse range of over 125 liftgate trucks, featuring two main styles. The first is the cantilever liftgate, ideal for handling larger items with a lifting capacity of 4400 lbs. The second style is the tuck under/slide out liftgate, perfect for backing up against buildings and also boasting a 4400 lb lifting capacity. All our trucks are from the renowned InterLift brand, ensuring quality and reliability.

How does All Seasons Express ensure the safety of goods during transport?

Safety is our top priority. With Truck to Shelf Assurance, you can rest easy knowing that our drivers treat your goods like their own. Our drivers undergo comprehensive training on safely operating liftgates. Additionally, we have an extensive library of instructional videos for drivers to reference. We also maintain our fleet in-house, with dedicated employees ensuring that our liftgates are always functioning optimally. Plus, our investment in solar panels on liftgates helps maintain battery health, further enhancing safety and reliability.

What kinds of goods are commonly transported using your liftgate trucking services?

Our liftgate services are versatile and cater to a wide range of goods. We frequently transport medical supplies, flowers, nursery products, outdoor furniture, and commercial appliances. We also service the beverage industry and have been the largest shipper in Michigan for certain government programs during COVID, thanks to our reliable liftgate capabilities.

How do liftgate trucking services enhance delivery for businesses without loading docks?

Our liftgate services are invaluable for businesses without loading docks, offering “final mile delivery” right to the doorstep. This is particularly beneficial for delicate deliveries like flowers or large items like outdoor furniture, as we can place these items exactly where needed, ensuring a seamless delivery experience from truck to shelf.

What training do your drivers receive for operating liftgate trucks?

Each of our CDL drivers undergoes a thorough training program that covers all aspects of safely operating liftgate trucks. This training is updated yearly to ensure the highest safety standards. We also provide ASE-specific instructional videos on our YouTube channel, allowing drivers to have in-depth refreshers in the field.

Can you provide an example of how your liftgate service has added value to a customer's logistics process?

Certainly! Our liftgate services have enabled us to deliver to locations that were previously challenging to reach, such as small roadside greenhouses or urban areas with limited access. This flexibility allows us to serve a broader range of customers, from large businesses to small, local vendors, adding significant value to their logistics processes by ensuring safe, efficient, and convenient deliveries.

Do you offer additional services?

Yes! ASE offers a wide range of services including multi-pick loads, temperature-controlled shipping, dry van shipping, cross dock services, and drop trailer shipping. For detailed information explore our services page. 

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